POR technology delivers real-time, rapid response
tools to manage your recycling depot business.

POR is super-charged software designed to meet the business needs of glass, can and plastic bottle recycling depot facilities.

Gain better inventory control and order more efficiently with suppliers. Know exactly what’s in stock, what its worth and when you need to order. Know where your inventory is and when it needs to ship.

Our software creates a streamlined and guided workflow process that improves productivity for staff so customers can arrive and leave faster with accurate refunds.

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Create transparency for your customers and better business insights

Improve customer retention and strengthen your business reputation with POR technology. Our software reduces errors and produces rapid and accurate tamper-proof receipts.

What were your most profitable hours? What was your upstream and downstream revenue during peak or low hours? How productive are your employees? How many disputes or errors were generated?

Access a variety of real-time reports that will provide your business with insights to make better, informed decisions. Integrates with Crystal Reports, Sage Accounting and other applications.

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POR can be customized for any size of business

All you need is an iPad tablet to get started. Multiple users can access customer accounts and reports simultaneously. Customize workflow streams, products, pricing, fulfillment activity...and much more.

POR is mobile-friendly and can process orders onsite for events or remote customer accounts. Integrates easily with any POS cashier terminal. Ask us for more details.

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Let Point-of-Return technology work for you

Single & Multi-User Profiles

User profiles can run simultaneously with start, stop and resume status for orders between multiple tables. Apply user-level restrictions in various areas of the system.

Real-time costs & revenue

Access comprehensive inventory and commission reports that can be run any time of day including one-click creation of shipping module and electronic R-Bill. Know how much inventory you have and what its worth; plan for better budgets and staff resources.

Inventory archive

Use our easily identifiable on-screen icons to make it easy for you to buy containers quickly & easily. The iPOR system provides a quick link to the BCMB for looking up over 10,000 products—find out instantly if a container is returnable

Transparent & accurate refunds

Our rapid data collection and detailed receipts provide increased transparency between customers and depot operators. POR creates accurate & tamper-proof receipts for bottles refunds and eliminates inaccuracies in storage bags when product is returned to ABCRC or BDL facilities.

What Makes IPOR Unique?

When it comes to counting beverage containers, providing accurate and detailed receipts and displaying status of refunds to customers in real-time, managing counts in bags and keeping track of handling commissions on the fly, nothing is faster and easier to learn than the iPOR Point-of-Return system.


Full register functionality including support for bank runs and petty cash. Ticker tape for bags documents all transactions.


Manage your business on-the-go!
Use our app on any iPad. Dedicated on-site IT staff is not required.


Audit product inventory in active bags and stored bags automatically.
Make edits on-demand or retrieve at at later date.


Let us customize a service package that meets the needs of your business.

Single User


  • Up to 2 standalone terminals
  • Application installation
  • 4 hours remote training
  • Maintenance is 30% of software purchase price


Does the system keep track of commissions?

Yes. The system is able to calculate commissions in real-time through a simple report. We routinely update commissions as they become available and make this available to our customers through our annual maintenance program.

Can I do Quick Drop?

Yes. The iPOR system fully supports Quick Drop and named customer functionality out-of-the-box.

What about fundraising, can I keep track of that as well?

Yes. The system allows for you to keep track of different fundraising campaigns and lets your customers directly contribute some or all of their refund to an active fundraising campaign.

Our depot does mobile pick-ups. Can I use the system for that?

Yes. iPOR was designed for portability and has built-in functionality for allowing you to setup and manage mobile pick-up drivers quickly and easily. Through cellular technology, the system acts as an extension to the iPOR system and allows you to track refunds and commissions in one place!

Is it true that your system keeps track of what is in the bags?

Yes. iPOR was designed to automate that process of keeping track of what is in bags. Once a refund has been processed, the system automatically adds the product to the bags and lets you know how much is in each bag, how much room is remaining and lets you know when it is time to move the bag to storage and start a new one.

Does your system allow customers to see the refund as it is being processed?

Absolutely. Just like when you go into a grocery story, the iPOR system shows the order as it is being processed in real-time to the customer. There is even room for you to advertise your business, provide industry news, third party advertising or any other type of information which you feel would be valuable to your customers.

How does the system handle refund disputes?

Just like an adding machine, iPOR keeps track of every detail of the refund and keeps track of things as they are entered and changed throughout the entire refund process. In the event of a dispute, the operator can quickly show the customer how things were entered and even if they were changed, what it was changed to. We believe this makes the refund process more transparent between the operator and the customer.

Is there a limit on how many items / containers the system can process in one transaction?

No, there is no limit.

Does the system support shipments?

Yes. You can create shipments with the system through our simple and intuitive shipping interface. Once a shipment has been completed, the R-Bill can be electronically submitted via email to the ABCRC or BDL. You can print and fax the R-Bill as well.

Sometimes we make a mistake and need to recount a bag. How does your system handle that?

The system is very flexible and allows you to add or subtract containers from a bag, audit and set the container count in a bag and even un-dump containers from the bag.

What happens if we accidentally dumped different product streams in to the bag and need to fix it--how does the system keep track of that?

With the split bag functionality, you can quickly correct any mistakes and in doing so the system automatically removes the excess product from the bags and allows you to add it to the appropriate bag without ever needing to write it down.

What are the technical requirements to use iPOR?

Basic (Single User) - iPad (Mini, Air, Pro) IPOR compatible Receipt Printer (for printing receipts, iPOR compatible Barcode Scanner (for scanning in customer receipts and creating shipments) WiFi / Internet connectivity Advanced (Mutli-User) - Same as basic + Laptop / PC running Windows 7 or higher or Mac runing OS X El Capitan or higher

How do I get help?

We provide help during normal business hours of Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (excluding Government and Statutory Holidays) for customers with a valid support contract.

I have multiple tables, a cash window and many sorters. Will your system work for me?

Yes, of course! We built the iPOR system to be flexible from 1 to 100 simultaneous users in the system with no slowdowns and excellent accuracy and speed.

Does the software integrate with Sage or Quickbooks?

Unfortunately, iPOR does not support integration with third party apps such as Quickbooks or Sage at this time.

Am I tied into a contract?

No, but if you want to continue receiving technical support and software updates after the first year of having the system, you will need to purchase a support contract from us.

Can I use the app outside of our depot facility?

Yes. The app fully supports mobile pick-ups.

Can I start orders and suspend an order and resume it later?

Yes. The system gives you the flexibility to start orders / cancel orders / suspend orders and even move orders between tables. There is also a live counter which shows you how long an order has been in process for.

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